Whole Pork Butt

Lewis Barbecue

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To native South Carolinians, barbecue means pulled pork.  We certainly hope to give this South Eastern tradition a taste of Texas justice with our whole, slow smoked, pork butt (shoulder cut).  

A whole, fully cooked, frozen, vacuum sealed, 5 pound, bone in, Pork Butt is ready to be pulled towards your town.  We highly recommend using our Tangy Barbecue Sauce to finish the meat once it is easily pulled ready to serve. 

All Lewis Barbecue meats are gluten free.



  • Meats will be only be shipped on Wednesdays to ensure maximum freshness and the quickest delivery times.
  • All meats are shipped in an insulated cooler box with food grade ice packs or dry ice depending on the season and transit temperatures.
  • Meats require the shipping option of UPS Next Day (still lightly frozen) or UPS 2nd Day (slightly defrosted or chilled).